N factory V7 version of the Rolex pioneer calendar series 116610LV green water ghosts compared to what genuine upgrade

Today, where the first V7 version of the swiss replica watches first upgrade to tell you about what, 1. Green water ghost ceramic circle color closer to the fake rolex watches original, than the previous version becomes lighter and brighter. 2. inner ring lettering lines are also more fine lines, the color is lighter. 3. Scales platinum scale more detailed, no obvious grainy, the color is also closer to the original platinum. 4. inner ring lettering upgrade, with swiss replica watches the same original technology, you can see the obvious inner and outer ring two notches. 5. Sapphire glass edge cut corners are more smooth. 6. Surface font re-printing, all changed to the latest version of the long ft font 7. Green water ghost surface re-production, the color is closer to the original. 8. Strap edge polishing upgrade. 9. Water ghost extension button to open when the inside for the same as the original black ceramic particles. 10. buckle inside the Rolex pattern to polished, and the latest version of the original consistent, to compare the friends see the beginning of the red word, thank you. 11. luminous beads to upgrade, luminous beads part of the metal inside the cut angle now has, and looks the same effect with the original. The price and the price of the previous V6s consistent, also equipped with seagull 2836 movement with super 3135 movement, and optional ETA2836 movement Next to see N plant V7 version of the green ghost with the authentic comparison: the color really upgrade a lot, no longer duck feces green. Feeling has been very close with the genuine. But still have a little bit of color. N plant V7 Rolex green water ghost comparison authentic Rolex submarine green water ghost N plant V7 Rolex green water ghost comparison genuine Rolex submarine N plant V7 Rolex green water ghost comparison genuine Rolex Calendar part: magnified by the macro to see, the calendar is still different, re-engraved version of the more rough. But usually no one will take a magnifying glass to see your calendar Night pearl also has to upgrade, luminous beads part of the metal inside the corner now have, and looks the same effect with the original change than before thin, and the curvature is also better. Color is still a bit different, triangular color or slightly lighter Side view: the countdown ring teeth with the same exactly the same, including the thickness of the chain width of the width are exactly the same Luminous naturally do not have to say is the same as the authentic luminous paint SuperLume, the effect is exactly the same as genuine